and yet another weekend goes by without ironing

I have 98 AA batteries for the trip to Mongolia. They may well take up the majority of my baggage weight allowance. The perils of trying to calculate how many batteries you'll need to see you through 3 weeks of a potentially avid photography spree.

I've also spent the weekend collating all the medicinal and toiletry stuffs I'll need. I'm a shampoo and toothbrush kind of girl, mostly, but travel to remoter places always requires so much more. First aid kits, emergency antibiotic kits, emergency contact lens solutions, stuff I'll hopefully never need but have to take anyway. My toiletries may well take up the majority of my baggage volume. Once I shove a sleeping bag and sleeping mat in there, I'm not actually sure there'll be any room left for, yanno, clothes.

I see a slight flaw in my packing plans.

This weekend also saw an email from my ASIM editor bearing news. Blog readers blessed with an eidetic memory will have noticed that the April 2010 publication date of the ASIM #45, the issue to feature my story, "Shaping Lily", has been and gone.

Apparently this is because the issue preceding it is running late, and thus we wait. However there is talk afoot of staging a revolution, in which case #45 will be published first. Nothing concrete yet on that front; I mention it now only in case it does happen, and the issue gets published while I'm away fleeing bubonic marmots, and you are all left unawares. So, consider yourselves suitably aware'd.

2 thoughts on “and yet another weekend goes by without ironing

  1. You've solved a mystery for me. I'm supposed to be in #49 in October and I couldn't understand how they were going to make that date with #44 not out yet. I guess they're not! (My editor doesn't communicate all that much).

  2. Heh. Your editor probably doesn't know all that much just yet. ASIM's got an interesting set-up, which works for them, but it the chopping and changing of staff does lead to some random quirks every now and then 🙂

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