is it m-o-n-g-o-u-a?

While I was busy being jabbed by the GP1 the other day, I received a phone call from the Embassy of Mongolia. Cue wonder, and mild worry that something was awry with my visa application.

When I returned the call, I was greeted with a simple, blank "Hello…?"

Not entirely sure I hadn't misdialled, I gave my name and said I was returning a call, about my visa application. This was greeted with silence. And then a quick and hurried conversation in the background beginning with the phrase "A woman! She says is about visas!" and ending with my being transferred.

Rinse and repeat the greeting followed by silence. This time there's also a bit more silence, and then the comment, "Riiiiiiiiiiiight…. Um… Oh! This is about Susan, yes?"

I had already given my name three times by this point, but what's one more? Thankfully fourth time's the charm, and we established that the visa application fees changed six weeks ago, but of course websites are never updated swiftly so I'd short-changed them. Once we'd established that, and I'd promised to put in a note to explain who the extra $35 was for, all was well. I've since posted off the promised money order, with the promised note.2

What's the bet it gets applied to Susan's application?

  1. only one more to go and I'll have the whole rabies set! The pre-exposure set, at least. []
  2. Incidentally, that's the second time I've made out a postal money order to the Embassy of Mongolia. Each time, the postal worker in question had Asian ancestry AND HAD NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL MONGOLIA. What the…? []

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