dear story: you (still) suck

I don’t know whether it’s just approaching-the-end or it’s-not-working, but I hate the short story.

I hate all my stories when I’m approaching the end of the draft, so it could be completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. On the other hand, the approaching-the-end hate is particularly difficult to tell apart from the it’s-not-working hate, which happens when something deep and structural just isn’t pulling together.

In fact, to make matters worse, the it’s-not-working hate is indistinguishable not only from the approaching-the-end hate, but also from the don’t-know-the-start hate and the farking-middles! hate. Canny readers will note that covers all the bases there: start, middle, end. Which means I find it impossible to tell whether a story is working or not while I’m wrestling with these other modes of writing, and I just have to push on.

I hate pushing on.

Dear story, why couldn’t you be one of those stories that just flowed? I like them better. Nolove, Your Author.

Dear Author, I was one of those stories that just flowed, remember? All SORTS of crap ended up on the page, including the TARDIS at one point. Which is precisely why you’re having so much trouble now. It’s not my fault your first draft consisted solely of “Plot? I have no need of plot while I can throw shiny at the page!” Nolove, Your Story. Who Deserves Better Than To Be Defamed In Such A Manner.