and they're all (well, mostly all) cousins

The proofs for Shadow Bound landed today. The fourteen-day forecast is therefore for sudden squalls of insanity, the occasional seagull impersonation, an inability to discuss any topic that does not immediately relate to (for example) the placement of commas, and a general air of abstraction and sleeplessness.

Although, the proof reader has won my undying love for the following comment in her cover letter:

This was a thoroughly absorbing read. Lots of urst (please cast Viggo Mortensen or Hugh Jackman as Dieter), tension and complexities.

Heh. Heheh. I think it was only a couple of months ago I finally figured out what URST stood for,1 and now apparently I've written a book with sufficient URST to make at least one person think of Viggo.

I can live with that.

This evening, along with getting started on the proofs, I also wrote up the dedication and acknowledgements. My next task, concurrent with the edits, is to whip up some kind of character/house/tribe glossary — which I think is no bad idea, given that no less than 40-odd character and house names are mentioned in the first 60 pages. And this is a novel with actually not that many characters!

It's all starting to take shape people. Book!

  1. I'm slow on the uptake. But I know there's at least one person who also doesn't know what it means, so just for you, Mum: UnResolved Sexual Tension. []

7 thoughts on “and they're all (well, mostly all) cousins

  1. I read urst and drew a blank, I can't believe I forgot! *palm face*

    I can definitely see Viggo as Dieter, but the Dieter in my head looks more like a Ralph Fiennes on the English Patient or maybe like a Henry Cavill hehehee!

  2. Peter: heh. heheh. You have just given "strong but silent" a new (not to mention alarming) association. You've ruined men for ever for me!

    Cristina: See, you forgetting makes me feel somewhat better about my never knowing the acronym. And as for Henry Cavill (I had to google him), ooooooooh. He has the right look. If he can do rogueish, he's got the job!

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