so many places to visit, and re-visit; so little rec leave

People, what is wrong with you? I tell you I'm going to Mongolia, and you make no comment?1 Perhaps it's because I put it right at the bottom of the post, and very few of you made it that far. Here, let me fix that.


Travel insurance is purchased, flights are almost entirely paid for, and today I jaunted off to the doctor to discuss vaccinations. Did you know that Hep A + B, if you get the right number of shots at the right time, is lifetime protection? I did not know this. But it is good, because it means I don't have to have the jabs (more importantly: pay for them) again. The bad news is that the doc specifically and strenuously recommended the Fluvax, so I coughed over my $25 for said Fluvax despite my doubts as to the value of said vaccination. What's worse, though, is that I could have had this particular vaccine through work for free just yesterday. It's all about timing, people. And I have an arm that is aching just slightly and a wallet that's $25 lighter to remind me of that.

Of course I'm not going for a little while yet, so you'll have plenty of travel natter to endure before then 😉

Reactions so far have mostly been shock and bewilderment, sprinkled with a few responses of wide-eyed awe. Definitely outweighed by the shock and bewilderment, though.

And just as I was typing this up, the travel show on TV started a flick about the last country in the world to allow television, the only country whose capital city doesn't have any traffic lights, the one country in the world to officially rank gross national happiness higher than gross national product, the wondrous Bhutan. And now I want to go back! The agony of travelling: visiting a place ticks it off the to-visit list, but only to put it on the to-come-back-to list.

  1. Those of you who did comment are of course exempt from my present astonishment. []

9 thoughts on “so many places to visit, and re-visit; so little rec leave

  1. I know! SO UNFAIR! (My arm hurts!)

    Also, what's even more unfair? That I paid $25 not because I believe this jab is at all effective, but because nekkid monkeys are susceptible to mass hysteria and I just didn't want to argue any more.

    (Also? Mongolia genuinely has the plague. The real bubonic one. Apparently there's a breakout of it every year, when marmot hunting season starts. Er, fantastic.)

  2. i hope i expressed my awe adequately when i saw you in sat. if not, *awe*. closest i'll ever get is bongolia. that's the kind of classy guy i am.

  3. Okay, Karen, Andrew, and Maria, you're officially now exempt from my astonishment as well. Thank you.

    Karen: no way! I'm not going anywhere near marmots! Did you not see? Those things have the bubonic plague! And fleas, have you seen how far fleas can jump?!

    Andy: Yes, you did. I should have specified that expressing awe verbally or via email also counted as commenting. My bad.

    Maria: Why not go?! It has mountains, and deserts, and astonishing lakes, and very few people, and astounding geography, and DINOSAURS (okay, not living ones, slightly disappointing…), and nomads and wild horses and did I mention the mountains? And of course you can come! 🙂

  4. You know, my first reaction to learning Mongolia seriously has the plague was, "wow…cool!"

    (I blame bird flu and pig sick for jading me against the threat of significant deadly disease outbreaks.)

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