methinks it is time to up the fitness levels

Yesterday I revised 1,300(ish) words on the short story, and stalked travel agents to obtain quotes for airfares, which means the travel plans, while not yet concrete, are progressing apace. I survived a trip with the world's most passive-aggressive tram driver, who shuts the tram doors while passengers are mid-way through them and drives into cars who dare to block his way. I also went and saw The Pixies live, and consequently will never hear anything ever again. (It was worth it.) On the way home from the gig, I got chatted up by a homeless boy who told me I should never ever steal, but sneaking in to watch movies without paying was perfectly fine.

Today I had exactly two tasks that had to be done: finding a pair of tennis shoes, and washing the car. Both achieved. I also — and I consider this a superhuman effort, considering it's Sunday — washed a week's worth of dishes.

And there's still time left to get some writing done.

Ergo, the weekend is officially a success, even if I haven't done the ironing and therefore have no presentable clothes for work tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “methinks it is time to up the fitness levels

  1. No! No! I COOKED this week, 'member? Vegetarian enchiladas meant a frypan, and multiple actual plates and even some lunch boxes! IT WAS SUPERHUMAN, I TELL YOU.

  2. Oh goodness yes, I remember now! You poor thing, whatever are you doing cooking? Do take care of yourself, you don't want to strain yourself on a Sunday. You must take a rest on the couch, at once!

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