i am, yes, still listening to every decemberists song ever

Sshh, don't tell anyone, it's not definite or booked or anything so exciting as that, but … I did spend an awful lot of my day thinking about other continents. Specifically, me, kiting myself off to other continents. Where there are no phones. (Although I have just googled airfares and, oh, fark. Um…?)

I also have news of covers and illustrations and publications (not new ones — don't get too excited) sort of simmering away over here, but I'm not allowed to share any of them just yet. So frustrating!

So instead I will be whimsical, because I do so love being whimsical, and share with you a recent revelation/accusation. I have this friend who thinks I am the human equivalent of sodium thiopental (better known as sodium pentathol, or the truth drug). He doesn't subscribe to all my talk of mutant powers, because he's far too sensible for such things, but he's so convinced of my ability to learn the truth about and from people that he's even willing to admit it might be my mutant power.

And I don't know quite how it came about, but somewhere along the line one of us looked up the chemical formula for said sodium thiopental. And lookit!

could it be...? is it...? A GIRL?

If you use your imagination, you might just be able to see a girl with a sideswept fringe, a clip at each temple, and pigtails. (We are not quite so sure what's happening on the top of her head. Nor are we quite sure why on earth she is, er, on all fours. Moving right along!)

Who woulda thunk it? Maybe I do have some sort of mutant power after all. Although if that's the case I also have a questionable hairstyle and questionable, er, exercise habits.

2 thoughts on “i am, yes, still listening to every decemberists song ever

  1. Hahaha! I totally see the girl!!

    That’s awesome! Truth learning sounds like a great mutant power to have. The psychology student part of me wishes I had it too! :mrgreen:

  2. It's the first mutant power that's made me stop and think…Actually, hang on, this could really be a good one! One day I may even write a story about it. (Argh! Too many story ideas! Only one brain!)

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