yes, this is how i spend my creative energy – what of it?

We interrupt our normal blog practices to briefly toot my own horn: this GoodReads review popped up in my browsing this morning, and I can't decide what I love more: the shelves she's chosen (books worth your time! kick ass heroines!) or that she's read the book twice in the space of two weeks. It's a good way to start the day. (Ladies and gentlemen, your author, quietly glowing for the rest of the week.)

But now, people, on to matters of EXTREME importance: Nutella: Bread? Or spoon?

It has come to my attention that some people, some clearly confused and misguided people, think this hazelnet paste is to be used solely as some kind of spread, and that it is indeed best when consumed via bread delivery means. And my response is this: why, why, for the love of all things vegetable oil, would you bother smearing it on bread and thereby making it too dry, when you could just eat it straight off the spoon?1

But, judging from the fact that my family apparently eat all sorts of foods "the wrong way", it is just possible that I'm the freak in this scenario. So, Internets, set me straight: bread or spoon?2

  1. I have also heard of nutella on crepes. I am less averse to this scenario, because crepes are not as dry nor as thick as bread, and therefore I assume the crepe would not suck all the moisture out of the nutella. []
  2. I reserve the right, if all y'all turn out to be freaks who prefer bread to spoon, to blithely ignore you and go on with my spoonish ways. Just so you know. []

16 thoughts on “yes, this is how i spend my creative energy – what of it?

  1. you have a valid point. bread is indeed delicious (oh i miss fresh bread). i still cannot think nutella tastes nicer when diluted on bread, however.

  2. I'm going to be controversial here (and indeed open myself up to attacks from all sides) and say that I don't like chocolate spread and the only use for it is as an ingredient in a warm gooey brownie.

    Now I shall run away and hide.

  3. I fear Tess will never forgive you for using the phrase "brownie" as I have a memory that she has a passionate dislike of said confectionary. And I fear I will never understand you. IT'S NOT-QUITE-LIQUID NUT!CHOCOLATE. ON A SPOON. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

  4. It gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and then I have this whole sticky, furry mouth-thing going on. Pretty much the same reason I don't like peas. Yes. I just compared chocolate to peas 😯

  5. You are a strange girl. (I will gladly eat your nutella for you. But probably not your peas. Not that I dislike peas, just don't like them enough to eat other people's.)

  6. Yay for Tessa! I loff condensed milk! I keep trying to make slices with it, but it always ends up in my belly 🙁

  7. dude, you need dulche du leche. it's all over south america like a delicious gooey rash – it's basically condensed milk boiled with sugar until it turns thick and amazing and oh my goodness I CRAVE IT. ON A SPOON. IT DESERVES A SPOON.

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