the real marvel? no sunburn!

Briefly first (so I cannot be accused of being entirely neglectful (only mildly so)), there is a quick interview with me as part of the Snapshots 2010 on Rachel Holkner's blog.

(One day, I will learn how to segue gracefully even when too tired to do so. This is not that day.)

Yesterday, my car being in need of a drive, I ventured to Werribee Open Range Zoo. Those of you who've followed this blog for a while may well remember last time I went to the zoo (the Melbourne Zoo), it was to be treated to a concerted snubbing by every animal inhabiting said zoo. I have never seen so much animal butt in my life as that day.

Thankfully, yesterday's trip was not all about the animals turning their backs on us. No, yesterday's trip was all about the expressions.

I'll have you know, the lady camels go wild for this
I couldn't get a girlfriend. So they put me in with the kudu. Now I'll never get a girlfriend.
Do you MIND?
Aw! So Sad!
Effing nekkid monkeys.
Did we, or did we not, just tell you lot to SHOVE OFF?
I AM magnificent, aren't I? Ignore the weedy hindquarters, please to be concentrating on my MAGNIFICENT visage, thank you.

4 thoughts on “the real marvel? no sunburn!

  1. Especially in my case. Honestly, I'm less pale-skinned and more completely translucent. Doesn't work so well with the Australian sun! (Note to skin: evolve, dammit! evolve!)

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