some days, you just gotta write off

Today, in short:

  • A most thorough and excellent lesson in office politics. I'm not entirely sure precisely what I learnt, mainly owing to the sheer overwhelming flood of said learning, but I'm sure once I sift through it I'll have extra knowledge about how nekkid monkeys react and inter-react. (And you thought Shadow Queen was full of politics! Wait till I assimilate today's teachings!)
  • Someone (who shall remain nameless) struggled to remember my name. So I pointed it out — in a most gleeful and taunting manner, because I'm helpful that way. So he called me Princess Kalin. So I huffed and puffed and treated him to indignation and affront until he apologised and offered to upgrade it to Empress — at which point I told him I'd forgive him if he gave me a pomelo.
  • Was greeted with the phrase: Hi! I don't have shoes! But I have a question.
  • Wrote a testimonial for a piece of software that's changed my life made me lose five whole kilos improved my love life not even been released yet and to which I've literally logged in all of once. The joy of being known at work as "that freelance novel writing chick!"
  • Had an absolutely amazingly productive day — if you count productivity as solving everyone else's dilemmas. If you count it as producing reports, er, less so. (Pity work counts it as producing reports.)
  • Utterly failed to remember to eat dinner

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