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News on the Great Nutella Question is that you are all (most of you) a little too addicted to bread and don't understand the wonder that is Nutella on a Spoon. I am willing to forgive you all, however, because I am magnanimous that way.

So, on to the next vital issue. Namely, werewolves.

Now, I have a secret1 love of werewolves. But, increasingly of late, only in written fiction. That's because I have noticed a worrying trend over the last, say, decade or so, in film depictions of the werewolf.

I can only presume it was born out of some desire to make for scientifically "possible" werewolves. Or, wait, perhaps that's giving producers too much credit: perhaps it's because actors are easier to manage and more biddable on set than wolves (or dogs), and a hair suit is cheaper than computer graphics. But whatever the reason, today's TV and film werewolves look like some mutated orangutan-baboon lovechild. And you know what? Not doing it for me. There's not enough wolf in today's werewolves.

What about you? Do you like the apish version of the werewolf, let's call him Homo lupus? Or do you, like me, prefer your werewolves to be wolves first, Canus sapiens?

  1. Actually, it's probably not that secret. []

5 thoughts on “asking the important questions

  1. Well, to be honest I'm not fond of werewolves. Body hair, slobber – these things just don't do it for me. But I do agree, modern werewolves look craptastic. For me it's the pointy pointy pointy close together POINTY ears that keep popping up. Small head and small muzzle on ENOOORMOUS SHOULDERS. I agree, moar wolf, less jack russell!

  2. I’m with you on this one, Canus sapiens definitely! I think wolves have this sort of elegant ferocity to them that dissolves once too much monkey gets introduced. Monkeys aren’t elegant.

  3. @Tessa: yes! what is with the jack russell wolves? we are not impressed. nor suitably alarmed. (also, you are a dog-owner. how can you claim body hair and slobber don't do it for you?)

    @Cristina: I knew you were a woman of style and taste. This monkey thing is scary and terrifying for all the WRONG reasons, namely enduring wrongheaded production values.

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