gotta tell you: liking this doing-nothing schtick

Today I bring you: a title!

Book 2 of The Binding — which I have previously been referring to by such monikers as Book 2, Pledged, the rest of Matilde's story, and "that effing car-crash of a narrative" (you know, when I'm feeling particularly affectionate) — shall henceforth be known as Shadow Bound.

I'm very happy with it, and not only because pretty much every title I could think of with Queen in it started to sound dreadfully, er, steamy. So going with Shadow for the linking element? Good thing. (Titles. They're hard.)

In other news, today, in stopping to let me board, the tram stopped directly under the insulated point, and couldn't start again. The driver tried all sorts of strange and mystical things like peering at the roof, adjusting the side-view mirrors, sitting down so heavily in his seat that he rocked the tram (not enough), and even jumping in his cabin to rock the tram (not enough). After all his efforts failed … we had to get out and push. PUSHING TRAMS. I have never heard of such shenanigans.

Makes for a good story, though, there is that.

3 thoughts on “gotta tell you: liking this doing-nothing schtick

  1. Sounds like a very fun tram ride!
    Can't wait to read Shadow Bound!
    I got Shadow Queen from my local library, and wow! I immediately went out and bought it after the first chapter, then took the library copy back so someone else can enjoy it.

  2. I read this in a hurry and thought the driver was "peeing" on the roof, which made for a great mental image until I re-read carefully. I didn't think it'd be all that good for the paintwork, though it would certainly do wonders for the conductivity.

    And "Pushing Trams" is a sensationally good name for a book 🙂

  3. @Dillan: Thank you so much – that's lovely to hear! I really hope you enjoy Shadow Bound when it comes out 🙂

    @Peter: LOL – that truly is a sensational image. Better even than an image of me pushing a tram! Also, you make vote #2 for "Pushing Trams" – clearly, this is a book I have to write!

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