awake: not a patch on asleep

So I told myself, when I finished the edits, I would not write a word, not a single word, before Saturday. Five days off. Obligatory and compulsory and well-deserved.

But you know what my brain is? Contrary. Because I barely made it through two days before this girl spoke up inside my head with the first line of a novel. Yeah, I'll just tack that idea on to the list of the umpteen novels already waiting in line to be written, shall I?1

So instead I give you people a video I was sent today which made me laugh.

Nobody's looking for a puppeteer in today's wintry economic climate…
  1. Through a monumental effort of will, I have not actually started writing this new novel — because the faerie novel needs finishing first, and because I really do need a bit of a break this week. Conscious but very little more and all that. []