wouldn't have it any other way

Yowzer! Can you believe I was worried, when I set up the giveaways, that nobody would actively request my book? Clearly, I underestimated the lure of free stuff.

In the interests of tab-closing, your writerly link of the day is to BookEnds on writers and their process:

What I told her, and what I’m going to tell you now, is that these revisions and working with her editor this way, as well as working with me and her critique partners, was simply a part of her writing process. It was how she worked to create the books she wrote and to make them the best they could be. I also told her that I’ve rarely met an author who was happy with her writing process.

I particularly like that last part. Jessica goes on to compare a handful of different processes (I fall most closely into the latter category she mentions), and once again I'm reminded that my constant carping about the inefficiencies of my process is simply a "grass is greener" malady. The inefficiencies exist in other processes, they're just at different stages.

Writers. We ALL suffer from our own brains.

And, to redress the unbearable cuteness of the kitten video I posted the other day, I now give you cats on a slide:

4 thoughts on “wouldn't have it any other way

  1. hahahaha! I'm at Desperation Land [aka library on finals] and the girl on the next computer is giving me the evil eye for laughing…

  2. Oh, god, you poor thing! I remember end of year exams only too well. Good luck! Try not to lose all ability to sleep 😉

    (I used to always, without fail, fall over sick the very first day of the holidays.)

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