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First, the administrivia: I have been a most efficient and dedicated authorly creature and mailed out the giveaway books. They went out in the afternoon post of Monday 21 December (my time). So, winners, eyes on your mail boxes, and please to be ooh'ing and aah'ing over the pretty when it arrives, 'kay? 'kay.

I would like to say that my Christmas has been quiet and contemplative, but as I steal a moment to write this I quite literally cannot hear anything over the bawling and hollering of the two year old and three year old. They're not a patch on the twenty-four year old cousin egging them on, however. I can say my Christmas has been raucously festive, at least 😉

It's also involved edits. Lots of. I'm now about halfway through the first pass of edits on Pledged Book 2, whatever it ends up being called. But as I go through, I stick a post-it note against any fix that requires too much thinking or might result in a ripple of changes back and/or forward through the novel. So the pages I've 'done' usually end up with a minimum 3 post-it notes apiece, and need to be gone back to. They're starting to look like much harder work than the pages I haven't touched yet. Oy vey.

Somewhere along the line I realised I've started talking to the edits. Well, actually, that usually happens from the get-go — but I seem to have progressed to talking aloud to the edits. Can't remember at what point I started talking aloud to the edits of Shadow Queen, so hard to say whether my insanity is progressing faster or not. Probably faster. Accelerated by the Christmas lights, no doubt.

I had more to say, but the squalling has reached epic proportions and if I don't at least make an effort to intervene, I might end up caught in the crossfire. See you all in the new year!

4 thoughts on “news from the trenches

  1. Ref: I had more to say, but the squalling has reached epic proportions…

    LOL. Which is why when we visit the family, we always stay at a hotel, despite my mother's begging. And why they are never invited to our house en masse. I want to hold on to what shreds of sanity I have left.

    Happy New Year, Deborah!

  2. I got my package of awesomeness on Saturday! Thank you! :mrgreen:
    There was much ohh’ing and ahh’ing and even a little sisterly fight over who got to read it first [I won, of course 😈 ]

    Hehehe, as long as the edits don’t start ANSWERING aloud…

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for letting me know – I'm always nervous when trusting to the US postal system. I'm sure they're no worse than AusPost, but all I hear are complaints and dire warnings, and that gets my imagination fired in the wrong direction 😉

    Happy reading!

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