just in time for christmas (hopefully)

Today I have most excellent news for people what like free books: I have some to give away!

I found some spare copies of Shadow Queen I didn't know I had,1 and now they must be sent to good homes.

Since we all know what happened last time I tried to choose random winners,2 in the interests of sparing myself some pain, I've set up the competition through Goodreads, who will choose the winners for me. If you're not a member over there, it's free to create an account in order to enter the draw.

I've set up two separate giveaways: one is open to residents of Australia & New Zealand, and one is open worldwide.3 The winners of each giveaway will be chosen by December 20 (Goodreads time), and I aim to have the books in the post by December 22 (Australian time).

There are four books up for grabs, two trade paperbacks and two mass market paperbacks — I'm figuring one winner of each giveaway will receive the trade paperback version and the other will receive the mass market paperback version.

So get to it4 — and good luck šŸ™‚

ETA: It looks like the actual pages for the giveaway aren't visible yet, hopefully only on account of not yet being approved by the powers that be at Goodreads. That should only take another 24 hours at most.

ETA2: Okay, links are now most definitely live. Go!

  1. they were lurking in a box where I oh-so-conveniently packed them for the move down []
  2. namely, I failed abysmally at it []
  3. because I feel for my poor international friends who want to read my book but can't get their hands on a copy []
  4. at the moment the giveaways are pending approval by Goodreads staff, but as I understand it when they go live, throwing your name in the ring is as simple as clicking the button marked Enter To Win. []