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The giveaway is ended, and Goodreads has sent me an email telling me the names of the lucky people who'll be welcoming a stray book onto their shelves:


Goodreads have sent me your postal addresses, so I'll have the books in the mail as soon as I can.

Tomorrow marks the start of potentially intermittent internet connectivity,1, but I'm sure you'll all be far too busy with your own Christmas shenanigans to miss me too much. Hope you all have a great holiday!

  1. Actually, given my home internet connection went AWOL sometime on Friday, technically said period has already started []

4 thoughts on “free book news

  1. That was you? (You know, I did suspect there couldn't possibly be two Cristina Hernandezes…but I couldn't be sure.) I'm so glad – really hope you enjoy it!

  2. You’d be surprised by how common my name actually is. Like I know there’s another Cristina Hernandez that’s also on the fine arts college…

    But yes, it’s me! *dances*

  3. Heh – the even better news is that I posted the book yesterday afternoon. So, Australia Post and US Post willing, and the if the stars align just so, it, er, should actually arrive 😉

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