step one you say we need to talk

Today's word I didn't know before is unasinous, which is not appearing in any online dictionaries for me, but apparently (according to my local newspaper) means "equally stupid".

I like this word. I plan to use it at the first available opportunity, preferably one that also involves the chance to get a nice, scornful twist in my lip as I do so. I may even throw in a disdainful sniff. We'll have to see how it plays.

Serendipitously, this word rather aptly describes every possible direction I can currently think of for the faerie novel. I suspect this feeling is caused in no small part by the suspicion that every single word I have written over the past three days is nothing but backstory, and painfully dull expositiony backstory that has no fate except to be cut at that.

I tell you, the dreaded middle-novel-blahs is lasting a long time on this one.

Clearly, it's time for something (or someone?) to explode.

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