it is just possible i was, er, not sober…?

Courtesy of a recent dental visit, and Melbourne's current baking climate (and my non-possession of an airconditioner or windows that open), I'm afraid my brain has melted. Or at least, something is dribbling out my ears. Could be some other body organ that has liquefied and risen to the top, I suppose.

So, in lieu of content, I present to you text messages I have sent:1

  • i shall regret nothing! we shall fight them on the beaches!
  • there is no cheese! moar wine will solve this existential crisis!
  • Can only conclude that I have developed super powers. AT LAST!
  • Nope, you cannot distract me with your ludicrous theories of visualisation. Clearly I am god. Bwa-ha-ha!
  • I find you safe passage through the marshes!
  • Oops. Trivialities, the downfall of so many a tyrant in training.
  • I found chibi!

(Be very glad I do not have your mobile number. (Except, you know, those of you whose numbers I do have.))

  1. entirely devoid of context, because they're more fun that way []

6 thoughts on “it is just possible i was, er, not sober…?

  1. Melbourne is heading into summer – today we topped out at a mere 26.5°C, but this past week has been around the 35°C mark.

    I shouldn't complain, but I'm not a big fan of heat, particularly 😉

  2. "I shouldn't complain, but I'm not a big fan of heat"

    I totally get it! the summer around here averages 40°C and I moan about it like they were forcing me to live outside or something –when I actually live jumping from air conditioned place to another and we got the advantage of no humidity.

    I'm talking about the WEATHER! 😯

  3. This is going to be my first summer in Melbourne, but I know I'm not looking forward to it! Last summer (less than a month before I moved down, actually) the town hit 48°C (and NO ONE had aircon because the power grid went down due to overload). That was the day the bushfires went berserk and ate nearly half of the state off the face of the continent.

    I'm just really hoping that sort of shit doesn't go down again this summer. I never was that good in an apocalypse 😉

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