i don't wonder why i wonder what he thought it would get us

First: I cannot resist this kitten.

Second: I appear to have acquired a Google Wave account. Um…what do I do with it?1

Third: how many of you are on GoodReads and how many are you are on LibraryThing? Or some other type of service of which I am ignorant? I ask because I have found a couple of copies of Shadow Queen which have been hiding in a box since the move, but it is clearly time they stopped skulking and started earning their keep by being out in the world and being pretty, damnit. Just because their author is shy and retiring does not mean they are allowed to follow suit! So, I am contemplating the best way to distribute them into the wild, and I have been thinking that a GoodReads promotion might reach more people than blog readers.2 Thoughts? Suggestions? Totally unrelated comments?

Finally (for now): Lately a lot of people I know have been making comments about feeling guilty for reading my book without paying for a copy. So I've gone and added it as a FAQ. Short version: don't kick yourself. The point of a story is to be read, and there's more than one way to pay an author.

  1. The username, for those who are interested in these things, is my name all run together. I know you're clever enough to work that out. (Are we supposed to protect google wave addresses from harvesting the same way we protect email addresses? Am I showing my ignorance here?) []
  2. Who, let's face it, are ALL OF YOU very good children who have already read the book, right? 😉 []

4 thoughts on “i don't wonder why i wonder what he thought it would get us

  1. I think I watched that video about five times first time I saw it 😉

    I'm not particularly active on Goodreads (even less so on LibraryThing because it restricts the number of books you can have in a free account), mainly I use it to record what I'm reading at the moment for those who are interested. (I just found you over there, by the by. Now you know everyone I know on there 😉 )

  2. Having used both services, I'd say GoodReads is by far a better bet. There's far more 'community' than I ever experienced on LibraryThing, not to mention honest to goodness reading groups. Not only that but their promotions seem to get pretty good response. Check out the Urban Fantasy reading group (on my profile). I know that they post all of their open promos and send out an email. I just got a new book as a result and was pretty stoked about it.

  3. Hey Sarah, just saw that you have your new laptop – sounds like it was worth the wait and all is electronic goodness 🙂 Thanks for the advice on GoodReads – I prefer it to LibraryThing myself, just seems much easier to navigate and use. And their giveaway option does seem like an awesome way of getting books out there without the agonising pain of having to randomise it myself.

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