before you ask, no, it's not really more fun from the inside

Last weekend, a friend gave me a 3D card in the shape of a bird.

Have you ever seen one of these? I hadn't. Folded one way, it's a flat, stylized head and wings motif, with space for some writing. But unfolding it opens up the web of paper that forms the bird's body.

I hung it on an empty curtain hook in my living room, so it could see the sky. Because birds like the sky, after all.


And every day since then, at least once a day, I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye — usually moving in a stray draft — and without fail the following train of thoughts run through my head:

Fark! What's that?

Did something just scuttle behind the curtain?

No, wait, there it is, the brazen bastard of a bug is setting up shop on the curtain hook. Damn, and I don't have any bug spray.

Hang on, that's too big to be a bug — oh fark, don't tell me an actual mammal has got into the flat…Oh.


It's the paper bird.

I remember now.

4 thoughts on “before you ask, no, it's not really more fun from the inside

  1. heh. i don't have to worry about the hearth so much, not having one – but the rain is going to be a problem if it gets through the not-entirely-sealed window. And it's also possible the sunlight of a Melbourne summer pouring through the glass might actually incinerate him.

    Who knew the life of a paper bird could be so fraught?

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