yeah, i got nothin'

Since the move to Melbourne, I have been living sort of sans TV. I say sort of because these days most of the TV channels put some or all of their shows up on the net, so I've been watching the odd show via broadband. I also have a TV itself (the problem is not ownership so much as lack of reception compounded by a deep-seated apathy which prevents me from bothering to find even a simple solution to said lack of reception)1, so I do watch some TV via DVD.

Lately, hip and alert-to-the-pulse-of-the-now creature that I am, I've been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

There's a lot I like about the show — a female superhero not least among them — although there is also a lot of moaning talking about the liking of boys in between the slaying of vampires. So far there's enough sharp characterisation and humour — and vampire slaying — that the talking about boys hasn't overly worn me out, at least.

Normally I watch TV shows and movies just for a break, a chance to enjoy a story without worrying about editing it, or analysing it, but watching Buffy has got me thinking about transitions and the balance of information between writer and character and audience. Nothing coherent at this point, so I won't treat you to my muddled, confused ramblings just yet.

One thought I did have, however, which is utterly inane and therefore clearly worth sharing: do all American shows feature at least one christmas miracle episode?

I'm trying to think of Australian series which go in for the christmas miracle episode malarky, and I'm sure there are examples out there, but they're not coming to mind. Maybe it's because christmas falls in our summer, which is reruns season; or maybe it's because our TV channels are mostly chock-full of American and British series; or maybe it's because I'm absent-minded.

  1. This last fascinates pretty much everyone. How can you live without TV? I hear pretty much on a daily basis. The answer is, er, I don't, really, and also, there's a whole lotta crap on the air waves. Watching TV via the net filters out so much in the way of advertising, and also in the way of shows that I have no interest in, but would have watched simply because the TV was on in the background. Frankly, there is not that much incentive to concoct a coat-hanger antenna just to bombard myself with yet more advertising. []

2 thoughts on “yeah, i got nothin'

  1. Yeah I think it's probably that our Christmas fell in rerun season.

    I don't watch much TV either. Slightly more now I have access to ABC2.

  2. ABC/2 forms the majority of my viewing these days, if only because their internet access to the shows is the best. Apathy rules my life!

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