why yes, i am indulging in a medicinal bourbon

The ironing of bedsheets, followed by silence on the blog? You guessed right, I had house guests this weekend. I'll spare you the details, except to say 3 year olds, even when sick, have enough energy to power the turning of the world.1

Today started with a visit to the post office to pick up a package which turned out to be from Allen & Unwin, and to have the size, shape and heft of a manuscript. Edits on Pledged, I thought, and dutifully lugged the package in to work so I could lug it to the library after work and get started this very night. I'm smack in the middle of a persnickety, detailed, involved and quite frankly annoying report at the dayjob, and between trying to sort that out in time and the distracting thought of the edits lurking unstarted on my desk, the inside of my head today has been a bit of a warzone. Concentration and focus were the first bystanders caught in the crossfire; coherence has been mortally wounded, and cogency currently thinks it's a duck.

Luckily for the sake of my sanity, when I knocked off work and opened the package I found, not the edits, but the edited manuscript for Shadow Queen, coming home to roost.2 So glad I carried that halfway around Melbourne and back today.

  1. In fact, have scientists investigated this? It's not the vestiges of the Big Bang, or gravitational forces, or the great battery that is the sun pouring energy through the world that keeps us spinning — it's all those blasted 3 year olds. With their running and dancing and gasping and jumping and squealing and singing and just the sheer, impossible wide-opened-ness of their eyes. []
  2. Er, what do you do with these things? So far I've abandoned it on the living room floor. This should remain the status quo for, oh, at least a week. []