tell me i'm having a bad dream

Happenstance of the day: a flash car with the personalised plates DRWOLF, parked by the tram stop where I'm waiting…and sitting in the car, in the driver's seat no less, is a malamute.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the expensive car, the personalised plates, the well-groomed dog…it all speaks of pretension, of a carefully preened image to be maintained. I suspect (I don't know, but I suspect) that the owner of that car and I would perhaps not have too much in common. (Except perhaps a love of dogs.)

On the other hand: a malamute. In the driver's seat. Of DRWOLF's car.


This amuses me no end.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think tomorrow is an awesome day to be hungover.

6 thoughts on “tell me i'm having a bad dream

  1. Well…maybe he's someone who works with wolves and half-wolves? We've got a local rescue called Never Cry Wolf that does that. I could see the man who runs it, Sam, driving around with plates kind of like that.

    *grips at straws of humanity not sucking*

  2. I like your optimism! Except…wolves aren't a big part of the Australian ecology 😉

    Pretty sure he's just a little in love with himself. (And has a good-looking dog.)

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