milo, milk and iron

To Amalie all those whom I may have misled on the topic of Milo as a dubious source of iron:

As promised, I have Googled. (Albeit cursorily.) And I have found no mention of milk preventing the body's absorption of iron. Clearly, it was a vicious urban rumour, perpetrated by the makers of, er, I'm not sure, really, but SOMEONE, designed to slander the good name of that chocolatey "food drink".

Granted, there was mention on one site that the naturally occurring caffeine in the cocoa beans in Milo can interfere with the proper absorption of iron — but I think we can all agree that CAN does not equal WILL and you are clearly immune to this biochemistry and thus, it is now in writing, you may continue to quaff Milo at will in the interests of warding off anaemia. (Just, er, maybe eat some red meat every week as well, okay?)

You're welcome.