jeebus, it's sunday night already?

Yo, Melbourne peeps: if you're looking for a signed copy of Shadow Queen, I stopped into the Dymocks on Collins street yesterday and signed their stock for them, so that's the place to go.

(I also stopped into the Reader's Feast, but I did not sign their copies because the bookstore clerk, while perfectly polite, greeted my offer with a wild-eyed expression that would have equally suited a suggestion to pour petrol on their stock and set the store alight.) (Poor bookstore clerk, I shouldn't poke fun of him, it's not his fault that it was a Saturday and his boss wasn't there to approve the defiling of books by randomly visiting crazy writers.)

2 thoughts on “jeebus, it's sunday night already?

  1. Yeah, I keep stopping in to book stores to check if it's in. So far, no luck over here, but as soon as I spot some, I'll be explaining that Deborah Kalin is my nom de plume and signing a bunch of copies too 😉

  2. Good luck spotting any over there – they'll be black-market copies if they're for sale in your neck of the woods!

    But I like your plan. It has merit, not the least of which is saving me RSI.

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