it's your turn of phrase that gives you away

What to do after a comedy fringe festival show?

Out to a nearby pub for a drink, of course!

At which pub, you venture up the narrow and rickety stairs, although those who've been here before swear said stairs lead only to the toilets — and at the top there are toilets, but there is also a series of hidden rooms, so thick with smoke your contacts seize your eyeballs like claws and your lungs ponder the wisdom of collapsing as a viable method for forcing your escape.

But there are tables, and empty couches big as brontosaurus backs, and lamps in the shape of tortured foliage backed into corners and niches, and even your eyeballs and your lungs concede this is a pretty cool spot to sit for a bit. (Some while later, the doubters who lingered by the bottom of the stairs waiting for your eventual shame-faced return realise the rest of you are not all just crammed into the toilet to make a point and venture upstairs as well, and they also concede that this is a pretty cool spot to sit for a bit.)

Then, while two of your friends are at the bar fetching the drinks, another discovers a scrabble board.

Hell yeah we played.1

  1. I did not get to spell anything even remotely cool. I did, at one point, try to insist that erg was a viable word, but it was not allowed. Alas. []