i'm totally doing that again. stat.

I have lived through the apocalypse.

Somewhat surprisingly, given all the various visions of the future which storytellers have imagined over the years, it featured nachos1, and two-thirds of the first season of Arrested Development.

It. Was. Awesome.

(Next time, it'll feature boysenberry ice cream. :mrgreen: )

  1. so. much. nachos. 😯 I am still not hungry. []

4 thoughts on “i'm totally doing that again. stat.

  1. I only just got hungry, and bought lunch (approximately…twenty-four hours after the nachos?) A chicken schnitzel sandwich bigger than my head. I ate it ALL.

    Apparently my new preferred consumption pattern is one enormous meal per day.

    I am sanguine about this.

  2. Not a whole proper stomach. That would just be weird.

    But my stomach is now the size of an apricot, where before it was the size of a walnut.

    Don't worry, it won't last long. Some day soon I'll forget to eat when I get hungry and it'll shrink again. Thus the balance of nature will be restored 😉

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