got my fever down

Yesterday, I popped in to a pre-auction inspection. As if I have the money to buy property!1 As if I have the money to buy this particular property! As if I could ever have the know-how to make a bid at an auction or negotiate the tangled thicket that is the purchasing of property — or wrap my head around the very concept of owning land, for that matter.

Rank foolishness.

Said property is less than 5 minutes walk from work, however, and thus it continues to haunt my brain.

In writing news…I think I've converted to Scrivener.

I know this not because I've started using Scrivener in preference to Word for my first drafts (which I have been doing, on and off (more on than off) for the last however long lately), but because over the weekend I took the plunge and actually handed over money for the program. Me! Hand over money for software!2 It must be commitment.

I'm not sure what made me switch, in the end. Probably a whole host of little things which just add up to a far smoother first-drafting experience, because to be honest I haven't even started using the corkboard or outliner in any depth. But I'm loving the typewriter scrolling feature which keeps my text at eye level instead of at the bottom of the screen, and the way everything from notes to pictures to previous drafts is all in the one window.3

But d'you realise what this means? This means I can never go back to a PC. (Or at least, I can never go back to "just" PC.) I HAVE ASSIMILATED. 😯

  1. Hush, I know no one ever has the money to buy property and everyone borrows from banks and thus the world continues to turn, its impetus fuelled by debt…but you know what I mean. []
  2. I know it doesn't cost much, but that is decidedly beside the point. []
  3. And no, having it neatly organised in Explorer/Finder does not count as having it all in the one window. This is quicker. And definitely betterer. I speak as one who has spent years trying, and jettisoning in favour of Windows/Finder, software designed to keep writing notes organised for me. []

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  1. Yah, the full-screen mode is goodly, and something I suspect I'll be relying on a lot (although I've not experimented with the display settings much)

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