fuge, dammit

Did you know that Latin has a supine verb form?1

I can only postulate that it is a verb form devoted solely to a) lying down and b) the various ways of accomplishing or maintaining (or imposing) such a position.

(This sounds most excellent to me.)

Alternatively, perhaps it is the verb form used to imply that the poor Roman in question, exhausted by the process of trying to conjugate his verbs and decide which particular form fits the current situation, has been rendered cerebrally unfit for further conversation and just needs a little nap now, please to be returning later when he may be recovered and capable of actually concluding the sentence that clearly just broke him.

(This, also, sounds most excellent to me. Conversations plagued by mid-sentence fainting fits! Rooms full of people who have keeled over mid-conversation while their brain re-boots!)

This post brought to you by sleep deprivation and fluctuating blood sugar levels.

  1. It can be accusative, or ablative, apparently. []

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