for your consideration, the examiner notes the following…

Did you know that Acts are so impossible to untangle that there is an entire Act dedicated solely to their interpretation?

It's called, funnily enough, the Acts Interpretation Act, and is basically a list of rules about how to decipher the concrete meaning hiding beneath the impenetrable mound of clauses, annotations, and circular references that constitute an Act.

The only problem being that the Acts Interpretation Act is written in the same style as any other Act — and its wording is therefore just as convoluted and impenetrable and superficially-vague-yet-in-reality-frustratingly-and-persnicketarily-precise.

Every time I am forced into consulting the thing, I wind up wandering lost in the morass that is the legal bayou, mud up to my unmentionables and alligators circling in my wake as I cry "Wait, what? BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?"

This post brought to you by a morning spent trying to figure out if July 10 was officially "within" 3 months of April 10, or not.1

And now, to balance out all that legalese, have a squiz at one cat's rather unusual preferred method of drinking (via cuteoverload):

  1. Wanna know? It is. Because for the purposes of allowed time frames, the date on which the inciting action was taken is excluded from the reckoning (that, by the way, is not the official wording of the Acts Interpretation Act — it's my summary of what it's attempting to say), and thus the 3 months started on April 11 and last until close of business July 10. []

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  1. Just to prove that I read your posts in entirety… in the footnote, I think you got July and April around the wrong way 🙂

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