are you two sisters? nah, you are, aren't you?

As a public service announcement to all the blokes:1 asking a girl standing at the taxi rank "Where's home, though? I might be able to help you" is not (however much it might seem like it at the time) a particularly endearing way to earn said girl's trust. At best she's going to assume you're drunk and therefore largely useless to her, but either way, the very first thing she's going to do is cast a quick eye over you to see if you're an immediate physical threat. You won't see her glance behind her in search of the bouncers at the nearby bar, because she already knows exactly where they are; she's a girl alone on a street full of drunken idjits, of course she's already placed where the troublemakers and the sources of potential aid each stand. If she gives you an answer at all, and it's not some variant of "I'm not telling you where I live!", then rest assured she's not giving you her real address.

And if said girl politely declines your invitation to accompany you back to her place for a few more drinks, the best way to try to win her over is not some diatribe about how you're married but just hate being married.

You know. In case you were wondering.

  1. the ones who need said public service announcement guaranteed never to make up any part of this website's readership []

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  1. Yeah. He was just a drunken idjit, no harm no threat, but he really did start to grate on my nerves. Didn't understand no, just kept harping on and on with variations on the same request.

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