moments of stupidity

Moment The First:

About a month ago, probably more actually (knowing my apathy on these matters), my coat pocket developed a hole. My first thought on noticing this was that I should mend said hole before something important fell through it and parted ways with me despite my desires. A couple of weeks after this thought, I slipped my lip balm into my pocket and it vanished. That weekend, spurred to action at last by such a grievous loss, I mended the hole in the coat pocket.

Last week, I noticed an oddly lip balm-shaped bulge in the skirt of my coat.

Turns out the lip balm did not vanish down a tram seat, but instead slipped inside the coat's lining. And now I've sewn it in.

In another month or so I might actually get around to unmending the pocket, extracting the lip balm, and then re-mending the pocket. Maybe.

Moment The Second:

This afternoon saw a brief (alright, not so brief) moment of panic when, in attempting to adjust the screen brightness and thus extend the macbook's battery life, I inadvertently set the brightness to 0 and the screen went all but black. I couldn't see a thing, so couldn't re-adjust the slider. Luckily the macbook has function keys for controlling the screen brightness, so I punched F6…to no avail. I ended up looking a right twit as I angled the computer screen in the fall (well, more half-hearted glow) of light coming through the windows, in order to better discern the brightness slider. And then, once I had the screen suitably re-brightened, I remembered that F6 controls the keyboard brightness, and F2 controls the screen brightness.

(Go Team Deb.)