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look who's had a makeover

An email from Allen & Unwin yesterday informs me that the A format paperback1 version of Shadow Queen is back from the printers. Official publication date is 1 September 2009, which means copies should start appearing on bookshelves… well, anytime over the next few weeks, actually.

Complete with the new format comes a new cover. Well, new cover design, since it's the same fabulous artwork:

I am otherwise bereft of content today, because I have spent the day doing such exciting things as arranging optometry appointments and discovering the electricity company has been very helpfully sending my bills to an address at which I have never lived.

So in lieu of content, I shall point you towards Simon & Schuster, who are offering a free pdf download of Scott Westerfeld's Uglies! (The sign-up form asks for a zip code, which in the US is 5 numbers — but I put in a 4-number Australian post code and it worked fine for me.)

  1. for those not familiar with publishing-speak, the A format in Australia is (roughly) equivalent to the North American mass market paperback – think your small/normal sized paperback. Shadow Queen has to date only been available in the C format, or trade paperback, which is the larger-sized paperbacks. You know the ones, same size as a hardcover but without the hardcover binding. []