blown away yet?

Various text messages from my family this morning, asking if I'd been swept off the face of the earth by the Melbourne winds yet. (I'm guessing there was something on the national news last night?)

For all those who are curious: I'm fine. Although I do have to admit that on walking out the front door of work late last week, the wind was fierce enough to literally knock me off my feet. If a colleague had not been on the other side of me (and clearly rather steadier on his feet than I) I would have ended up sprawled across the tarmac. Classy. And that was on a day of just "normal" August winds, not worth warning commuters about.

Fair warning: If I vanish without warning, it is entirely possible I've been carried off to Oz. Which means I could quite legitimately start using the phrase "Don't make me get my flying monkeys…!" AWESOME. (Who wants a souvenir munchkin?)

In the meantime, the good news on my plate is that the edits on "Shaping Lily" are officially — I have it in writing now — done. Done! (Well, except for the proofs. But that's not until next year.)