and so it goes

At least once a month, I quit work at 3.30pm and sprint for the 3.36pm tram home.

To qualify, I often quit work between 3 and 4pm (given that I start at 7am), but when I'm being virtuous and dedicated I walk straight from work to the library. Every now and then, however, the rain threatens or weariness gets the best of me or some other such excuse and I decide to skip the library and write at home, and thus I sprint for the 3.36 tram.

And when it turns up, literally packed solid with school children, I belatedly remember why I avoid that particular run — but of course by that point it's too late, and I've committed, and I spend the next forty minutes promising myself I will avoid the 3.36 tram in future.

But we all know I'll forget, probably sooner rather than later, and the hideous cycle will repeat all over again.