oh frabjous day!

Last weekend I nigh broke my back by parking myself in a disintegrating bean bag for the day.

It may not surprise you to learn, then, that the day after all that editing, I went couch-shopping. Today, five short days after I slapped down some cash I haven't actually earned yet, look what's arrived:


The sharp-eyed among you will note the remote control is already in prime position and yes, that is a cup of freshly brewed hot chocolate on the floor. Because watching those blokes lug the couch up two flights of stairs was exhausting, dammit.

(This is, needless to say, NOT one of the $8,000+ couches. Because while I'm sure they're very good couches, and will last the twenty years the manufacturer is offering as per their warranty, I'm just not ready for a twenty-year commitment at this point, yanno? Honestly, couch store, it's not you, it's me…)

10 thoughts on “oh frabjous day!

  1. It is indeed a lot of cushions! In my defence, the four red and blue ones were from the last couch. I did not realise this couch came with its own set of a gazillion cushions.

  2. Any advice on good couch-shopping places? I'm in the market myself in the near future! Preferably the less crazily-priced ones…

  3. I ended up at Domayne. If you want really cheap you can always go Fantastic Furniture, but be prepared: you'll know you're sitting on a $100 couch if you do that πŸ˜‰

  4. I am lolling upon it as we speak… But be warned! Any who expect to recline upon the Couch o' Deb must pay…. (Chocolate or alcohol is usually sufficient.)

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