i will never in my life earn enough

Regular readers of the blog may have garnered that I, not having one at present, need a couch of my very own, to love and nurture and call george loll about upon.

Last week I happened to mention this to a work colleague, because I knew he had recently purchased a couch and I thought, in my cunning apathy, that if he had done any couch research I might be able to simply mooch off his results and buy1 find a couch I wanted quickly. You know. Like, sometime this year.2

Said work colleague was startlingly helpful, and swore he'd done lots of research, and just happened to have a catalogue of the place he'd chosen as having the best value couches and he'd drop it over to my desk for me. Which he did, so quickly I rather suspect he might actually have some kind of ability to mess with space and time.

And that night I oohed and ahhed over the catalogue, and was suitably alarmed by the face that the catalogue neglected to list any prices whatsoever and sure in the knowledge this meant I didn't earn enough to be able to afford even LOOKING THROUGH the catalogue, let alone buying anything out of it. I was supported in this opinion by the fact that the work colleague had paid $2,500 for his couch.

This, I thought to myself, is an awful lot of money for a couch.

But perhaps it was because he chose a leather couch. Surely, if I went for a smaller, less leather-clad couch, there might be one that only cost, say, $1,000?



Today I dropped into the store, since I was walking past, and what did I see?


Who has $8,000 to spend on a couch? Who has $10,000 to spend on a couch? If I'm paying that much money for a couch, it better be a TARDIS in disguise, or at least be capable of vacuuming the floor and solving the world's energy crisis at the same time.

  1. I won't be buying a couch quickly. I must save up some ready monies first. Which is difficult when I keep ogling, and purchasing, boots. []
  2. THIS YEAR? How hard is it, I hear you cry? Not very at all, is the answer. But it's not a matter of how difficult it is, nor even how little time I may or may not have. It's a matter of whether I can be assed, people. []

6 thoughts on “i will never in my life earn enough

  1. No. They weren't. And here I was thinking that work colleague had splurged irresponsibly in spending so much on a couch…turns out that he was exercising great restraint (at least by the store's standards)!

  2. Horrendous, isn't it? I was too scared to even dare sitting on any of the couches. What horrified me more, though, was that these were the "Annual Winter Sale" prices! And that there were quite a few couples in there looking to purchase.

    I think there is an IKEA nearby, but their catalogue for couches was not very inspiring, unfortunately. Still, there have got to be some other couch stores with el cheapo, er, more reasonable price range!

  3. As the kids say: Double you tee eff!!

    That's nuts! We need a new couch too but buggered if we're paying more than a grand. You could buy a child for less!!! Er. I imagine.

  4. I am glad that other people are as stunned as I was. I was beginning to think that maybe my perceptions of how much couches cost was based on a delusion.

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