yeah, it's been a random week

This week I discovered many things.

I discovered (yet again) that I have very little no capacity for alcohol. Shortly thereafter I discovered (yet again) that the curse of pathological honesty is only exacerbated by the presence of alcohol. Note to self: you don't have to answer any random question put to you.

I also discovered that the Option key on my keyboard lets me print funky characters like Ω and †, œ and ø without any complicated keystrokes at all. Win! (Not that I use the Greek alphabet overmuch, you understand, but it does come in handy. Or, you know, it might. Next time I need to talk about µtorrent, for example. Shut up. It could happen.)

13 thoughts on “yeah, it's been a random week

  1. alt0181 is your friend. Though that might not make sense to a mac user. Traitor.

    1. Alt+0181 used to be my friend (and still is when I'm at the dayjob).

      But my luvly mac, she does not make me use four keystrokes – just two.

    1. LOL. Can you believe, I used to know all the keystroke combinations like Alt+0181 off by heart? Six months on a mac keyboard, and they're all slipping away…

  2. I can't drink, either. It doesn't take a whole lot to knock me flat on my ass. >_<

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