never one when you need one, though, is there?

Tonight's tram ride featured:

:: A passive-aggressive tram driver, who felt the need to rouse on the passengers for attempting to board the tram once it stopped at the tram stop. (Apparently, it hadn't stopped at the right bit of the tram stop to allow boarding. To which I ask: why open the doors then? To catch a breath of the refreshing arctic winds, perhaps?)

:: Ticket inspectors!

:: The passive-aggressive tram driver announcing he wouldn't drive the tram if people insisted on standing in the doorway and thus blocking his view of those getting on and off the tram. (The four people milling around in the corridor closest to the door shuffled about a bit. The passive-aggressive tram driver refused to start the tram and insisted they move. They moved. The passive-aggressive tram driver then hectored the entire tram on the evils of blocking the doorway, and only re-started the tram once he'd got it all off his chest.)

:: The ejection of a (presumably drunk) passenger. Don't really know why he was ejected — he was much, much quieter than the drunk and opinionated man in orange crocs who caught my tram on Sunday night. That guy was accosting fellow passengers and trying to send them "back to their own filthy, dirty countries". This guy was silent, even as he was being escorted off the tram by…

:: yet MORE ticket inspectors!

All in twenty minutes. Not bad, really.

4 thoughts on “never one when you need one, though, is there?

  1. You need ticket inspectors because everyone must have a ticket for the performance – you don't expect that kind of entertainment for *free* do you?

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