it's a system built to reward the clockwatchers!

Let it be known that I highly approve of flex.

Flex is wondrous, flex is superb, flex is the reason I did not go in to work today. Because all those extra minutes each day turn into extra hours each week — which means I've already worked today and didn't need to do it again.

This, my friends, is sheer genius.

If only it worked on novels as well, I would have already written my entire life's oeuvre and could spend this evening lolling on a couch.1

  1. Er, provided I had a couch. Note to self: buy a couch already! []

8 thoughts on “it's a system built to reward the clockwatchers!

  1. I tried to look at couches for purchasing (well, for price research so I could purchase soon) just this weekend, but I had spawn and brutus with me. It was…er, not, strictly speaking, a success.

    Spawn, however, suddenly realised that shopping centres were not just for running down the enormous concourse corridors. There were all these shops to go into! Out one door, into the next… She's starting young.

  2. It says a lot about how long I've been a) a computer nerd b) away from Australia that I first thought "Flex – the Adobe application for creating Flash websites… no, can't be… oh – flex the fast lexical generator for language tokenisation…no… oh, flex – muscles or something? no…. OH – flex-time!"

  3. We suffer with TOIL at my uni – you can work all the extra hours the work requires, but if it isn't official overtime, it's just too bad.
    The union is now fighting to get flexitime for the entire university staff.
    I had flexi at another place at work and have missed it muchly.

  4. I've had jobs like that – and I think it's rank exploitation. I don't care how it gets recognised – overtime pay, time off in lieu, flextime, whatever, but if you work more than your salaried hours you deserve to be recompensed. here's hoping the union is successful!

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