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An email from my publisher today tells me that the mass market paperback version of Shadow Queen should be available for purchase before the end of the year. This means those of you who hate and loathe the trade paperback format, or don't hate it so much as think it's simply too expensive, will have the chance to buy the smaller, cheaper format. Much more suitable for shoving in small bags and reading on buses and trains and planes.

This means the current publication date for the second book, which I've been calling Pledged (but the title is already slated for change), should be hitting shelves around March 2010.

The (first round of) publication edits for Pledged are due to land on my desk inside the next month. At which point I'll probably have to put aside the faerie novel and retreat from the world until they're done, because otherwise they'll never get done and the book won't be out in March because I'll still be slaving away over where to put my commas and everyone who's waiting to find out how on earth Matilde manages to dig herself out of the hole the first book put her in will come and bludgeon me to a paste with their trade paperback versions of the book.1

  1. Except for Tessa, who already knows what happens. But she may join in just in the interests of solidarity, I suppose. []

6 thoughts on “honest to goodness news

  1. You cut me to the quick. I would never, EVER, bludgeon you to a paste.

    (You still have my flour. I still require pancakes. What cruel ransom. Oh, the hazards of love.)

  2. No, it's true, you are far too subtle and clever to need to resort to bludgeoning me to a paste.

    (Your flour is safe, and unharmed. So far.)

  3. for lo, it was a very deep and quicksandish hole Matilde dug for herself 😛
    And we are dying to find out how she escapes.

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