i promise to check more often in future

I just discovered a few questions had been sitting in my FAQ queue for who knows how long. Perhaps foolishly, I expected my FAQ plugin to send me an alert, either by email or through the dashboard, when it needed my attention. So if you've been checking the FAQ, wondering why I was ignoring you, my apologies. It was not deliberate; I'm simply a touch inattentive and forgetful at the best of times. And clearly I put far too much trust in "lite"1 software programs.

By way of apology, I offer up a link to goodies:

Katerina Down Photography

My cousin has been learning everything she can about photography in recent years, and has just set up a site to sell some of her prints. My favourite of those she's offering for sale (at least so far) is Playtimes Past.

  1. Incidentally, am I the only one driven to grinding my teeth by this word? []