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At work on Friday, during fraud and ethics awareness training, I discovered an amusing editing artefact in the Code of Conduct. Apparently, all employees "must treat everyone with respect and with harassment."

Now that, my friends, is one hell of a code of conduct. Licence for polite savagery: issued. I don't care what the manager says about mistakes, I have written evidence.


Sitting on the tram on Thursday, I was listening to the conversation of two nearby school girls, who want to be writers.

Bless 'em.

They were full of enthusiasm and verve, laughing and chatting about how their ambition is received by others. Friends are excited, and want to read their work; parents and teachers, on the other hand, are always asking what sort of real job they're going to have. What outdated attitudes! Maybe in their parents' day, writers needed a dayjob and then pursued their dreams at night, but that's not the way the world works any more. They won't need to bother with any of that.

I nearly choked trying to hold back gales of laughter.

Poor children. The world will set them straight plenty soon enough.

4 thoughts on “felicitous moments

    1. Very true! (Although I rather suspect the bravado of youth is capable of that attitude even without the black swans of publishing as "evidence".)

  1. I should confess – up until recently I thought most writers earned *at least* enough to support themselves full time. The media seems to pick up stories like that – first time authors getting six figure advances and giving up cleaning phone-boxes or whatever they did for a living. It's easy to assume that's just how it works. Would you like to write full time though? I think it would drive me mad, having nothing but my computer for company all day every day.

    Oh, hang on, I'm an Engineer – my days are already like that 🙂

    1. The media loves a celebrity, and will create one where they can't find one 😐

      As for writing full-time: yes and no. I'm an engineer too, and my life as a writer is far more social and out-of-the-office than my life as an engineer! And I really like my current job, so would be loathe to give that up. More time, however… more time would be nice.

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