time for a new plan

Today, I admitted defeat. I've been getting up at 5 a.m. to get an hour's writing in before the dayjob takes over. It's been working okay (when I'm disciplined enough not to check my email, that is), but it's been chilly enough that I've been working from bed to keep warm. This morning, however,1 it was too cold to even THINK about sitting up at 5 a.m. For that matter, it was actually too cold to move. I tested the air with a single ear, but quickly tucked my head back under the blankets when I instantly lost all sensation in said exposed ear. Consequently, there was no writing this morning.

So, time for a new plan.

Buggered if I know what it will be, though.

In the meantime, my crazy-talented brother (one of my crazy-talented brothers, to be more precise) has written a game for the iphone: it's called AAA Gun Club.

My mother tells me she's been using it to tease amuse the cats: they look for the spent cartridges which they can hear falling to the floor. Hours of fun for the whole family! (Don't let my irreverance fool you. When I googled last night it was ranking among the top downloads of iTunes UK store. I'm just not entirely sure what to tell you because I don't have an iPhone. But I'm not bitter about that, not in the least, oh no, why do you ask?)

  1. coldest night in April in 52 years, I'm told — I haven't googled to check []

4 thoughts on “time for a new plan

  1. Well, I'll do a reversal on the advice I have my friend Shiloe, who was complaining about the Tucson heat. I told her to change her weather widget on her computer to read in Celsius, which nets about a 60 degree drop currently. You just need to do the opposite — get something that gives you the temp in Fahrenheit, and it'll be much warmer.

    It works. Really. I'm bundled up because it's a chilly 25 right now. Gotta bring in the plants to keep them from getting frost bitten…

    (delusions can get you through! they can they can!)

    1. Thanks Peter, will be sure to check it out! Life is such a tricksome beast, it doesn't seem to matter what routine I set up it's always time to adapt it or come up with a new one. Still, onward and upward 😉

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