i'm looking for an interruption

I've had a handful of questions of late as to what I'm working on, and it's slowly sunk into my addled brain that perhaps I'm not as clear about what's currently eating my brain as I could be.

There's two reasons for this. For one thing, I'm dreadful at titles. This shouldn't be a problem, really, as I do use working titles of a sort, even if it's just as generic as "the faerie novel". But, and this is where the second problem rears its head, maybe I never did get around to explaining the tags and categories I use on my posts.1

On my website, I2 use categories for stories, and tags for the stages of a story's life cycle. So a post which is filed under Shadow Queen and tagged as alpha draft would be about, at least in part, writing the first incarnation of Shadow Queen. Hopefully a quick glance at the archives should clear up any confusion on the tags/categories front.

I realise it does get confusing, particularly when I'm working on more than one manuscript at a time, in which case a post will have multiple tags and categories and it can be tricky to figure out which tag is paired with which category; or when I simply talk in the post about "the book". It also relies on you all understanding what I mean when I say "alpha draft" and "gamma draft" — wait, do you know what I mean when I use those terms? The writers probably do, but the non-writers maybe not. Well, that's a longer explanation, so I'll save that for a later post, if anyone's interested.

In the meantime, I should actually definitively answer the "What are you working on again?" question.

In short, I'm currently working on the alpha draft of the faerie novel, the working title for which is Away, Come Away. This is uncontracted; because I'm new to this writing gig, it's still best for me to finish a novel before I start trying to shop it around.

I'm also, at last, thinking about working on a third book in The Binding series. (I had to take a bit of a break after finishing delivering the second book, to recharge the batteries, which is when I started working on the faerie novel. Variety is as good as a holiday and all that.) By thinking about I mean I've spent a bit of time noodling around with plot ideas, that sort of thing. No actual words have yet been committed to paper or hard drive, which is why this particular book does not even have a working title.

And now, it's probably time to actually write.

  1. If you read the blog through the livejournal feed, I think they all come across as tags, so read the following with that in mind. []
  2. currently — these things are always subject to change []