i haven't learned the weather patterns here yet

Yesterday was 26°C and glorious. Today when I left the house, the wind was in a fury and the sky in the west was glowing a strange and ominous ochre, a glow which made me think the wind had snatched up the light of the sunrise and smeared it against the underbelly of the oncoming clouds in an attempt to disguise their ugly intentions. I am about to head home, and not entirely sure the house will still be there when I get arrive.

I am definitely buying a coat this weekend. (And maybe some boots.) (But definitely a coat. Or at least a heavy jacket.)

3 thoughts on “i haven't learned the weather patterns here yet

  1. Now we teach you Melbourne weather. Oh yes. Very easy to learn.

    I'd just got off the train when that sledgehammer hit the city. Holy crap. The roof of Spencer Street station was -shaking- and that's a little bit scary.

    1. That was one HELL of a wind, actually. Definitely unnerving. (If Melbourne has a coal tanker on one of its beaches in the next few days, er, we can probably confirm the apocalypse theory.)

  2. We could survive a coal tanker on the beach. I just don't want one sailing through the city like in The Day After Tomorrow…
    A startling (and chilly) morning for sure. My dog's whimpering woke me in time to realise I had laundry out that was about to get 1. wet and 2. swept to Tasmania. I just got the laundry and dog in in time.

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