i could be doing something productive with my time, you say?

I've been spending a fair bit of time on public transport recently,1 and this of course means I've had a fair bit of time to think.

And I think I've figured out the answer.

The solution to traffic congestion, and global warming, does not lie in public transport and clean fuels. Oh no. it lies in genetic engineering. Splice up my genes and build grow me some WINGS, people. We wouldn't need roads, or carparks. We couldn't do away with public transport altogether — although we'd need planes and trains for the long-haul stuff, presumably. But think how much more pleasant a city would be without all of that ground-choking traffic. Plus, we'd all get our exercise on our daily commute, which would solve the obesity epidemic created by desk jobs and an addiction to empty calories. Win!

Now, there are naysayers who will tell you the real answer is in teleportation,2 but I disagree. Firstly, because teleportation uses technology, so it's going to face the same breakdown problem we'd have if we tried to build jetpacks instead of biological wings. But worse than that, teleportation is going to mean your atoms will get all swapped up with other people's, and quite frankly, as far as I'm concerned, that just introduces A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF PUBLIC-TRANSPORT-ENFORCED INTIMACY.

(Also: the weeping angel appears to move, depending on what window I glimpse her out of.)

  1. public transport: making everybody equally miserable since its inception []
  2. interestingly, spellcheck wants me to use "deportation" instead. H'm. []