i am downloading like a downloading thing

A quick reminder to anyone around Sydney tomorrow that I'll be at the NSW Writers' Centre's Contemporary Fiction Festival. Due to my rather hectic and schizophrenic week, I haven't actually prepared what I'm going to say, but I'm sure I'll be brilliant. No, really. Honest. I have a gift for these things.1

This week saw the delivery of my fridge – hallelujah, I can buy milk and eggs and cheese and meat again. And vegetables. I also, after some wrangling with the gas company, have gas, which means I have hotplates and an oven. In the space of 24 hours I went from no ability to store or cook food to subsistence heaven.

Internet is the next hurdle. I am very much looking forward to a true ADSL connection, but at this stage the conversion of my phone line is scheduled for "on or after" 16 April. Yowzer. Looks like it's mobile broadband for a little while longer. So, Internets, please to not be uploading too many fascinating videos in the next fortnight, or you may make my brain explode from frustration. (Who wants to bet I'll exceed my monthly quota within a week, once the connection is up and running?)

  1. Er, not. []