geography. perhaps it should be part of the syllabus again?

To properly celebrate the move south, I spent Easter…back home. One of the perks of this arrangement was spending some time with Spawn, who can't quite tell my two younger brothers apart. "This are Ben," she told me as I pointed out one younger brother (not Ben, in actual fact). I pointed out the real Ben and she hesitated, perhaps sensing a trap, but soldiered bravely on: "This are… More Ben!"

The other perk of this arrangement was the availability of internet. Ah, bandwidth, how I've missed you! Enjoying the benefits of connectivity, I was stumbling videos and came across this gem: CNNNN's Next Country To Invade.

Around about the 0:48 mark people start putting pins into the map to demonstrate where the US should invade next.

Iran Korea Australia is screwed.

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    1. Scary, isn't it? I turned away to draft the blog post and youtube started playing a CNNNN clip titled "Stupid Americans" in the background which, to put it diplomatically, did not do the American education system proud at all. Exchanges such as "Which countries are in the Axis of Evil?" "All of them!"

  1. Back in the 1980s, my state of Arizona had a Governor Problem (this is a fairly frequent occurrence these parts). The Problem's Name was Ev Mecham. Let me give you the quick and dirty version: he used the word "pickaninnies;" he wrote an autobiography that read like an Arizonan rancher's version of Mein Kampf; he opposed a Martin Luther King holiday; and he was so corrupt it's impossible to summarize briefly. Arizona was boycotted by the entire nation — the entire world, really. The recall election was in full swing when he was impeached.

    The "joke" of the moment during his reign of terror was to claim you were from New Mexico, because otherwise you had to spend so much time hanging your head and trying to explain, look, I didn't vote for the loser! But deep down it wasn't just him — it was the embarrassment of knowing that your state was the kind of state that looked at the likes of him and said, oooo, shiny.

    I tell this to you so that you can really, really understand why I'm from Canada.

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